Binding of Isaac Shenanigans – The Lost is pretty hard.

Short post today, as I’m reeling somewhat from what day it is (or what day it was, depending on when you read this post/what time zone you are in.). Today, we discuss The Lost a little more again, as well as how playing as The Lost is an exercise in futility.

I like to think that I’m decent at Binding of Isaac – I have 100ish hours clocked at this point (1% of the way to becoming an expert!), and I’ve unlocked everything associated with the other characters, as well as most of the challenges. The Lost, though? Let’s let this screenshot illustrate things a bit for you:

The Lost part 2

90 deaths in, and I’ve only managed to beat It Lives, once…I think I’ve only beaten Mom once in all of these deaths as well, now that I think about it. What has this taught me about BoI, and how I play it?

1 – I play quite aggressively, expecting to take hits as I play. When playing as The Lost, that just doesn’t fly

2 – I have poor situational awareness, as I keep managing to corner myself using a character that can fly.

3 – I have started to invent new curse words (maybe – someone else may have already come up with them before – who knows?)

I’m determined to unlock everything with The Lost, but who knows how long that will take…best of luck to everyone else going through this game (unless you’ve already unlocked everything, in which case go die in a fire :D)