Review ALL the Things/Double Dipping – Cotton Candy Oreos

This week, I finally start reviewing ALL the things, and not just the game things. As part of a guest post for a friend’s blog, Oreo Life, I’m reviewing Cotton Candy Oreos! I guess that would technically make this a Double Dipping post as well?

Cotton Candy Oreos were supposedly available at Target from April to May of 2015, but both he and I went to a few different Targets in both NorCal and SoCal, and didn’t find them. Thanks to the power of the internet, however, I was able to get a box!

photo 1

The box is the standard limited edition fashion, with more of a square shape than the rectangular box that Oreo aficionados are used to seeing. Inside were Golden Oreos, with a blue/pink blend of creme filling. I had read somewhere that the colors would be perfect for a baby shower? Anywho, on to the tasting!

Whole cookie:

I wanted to start with eating the Oreo as is, instead of how I usually eat Oreos. It…really didn’t taste like anything, to be honest, kinda like a generic vanilla creme cookie. I didn’t notice a distinct cotton candy flavor until I had tried them again after eating just the filling. Fortunately, they chose to use the Golden Oreos instead of the regular chocolate Oreos, else the chocolate flavor would’ve been overpowering!

photo 2

Deconstructed cookie:

As is the norm for me when eating Oreos, I have a method of eating them popularized by one of my favorite Oreo commercials. First, you twist the cookie (hopefully the filling stays on one side), and then you lick the filling clean from the cookie. Finally, you eat the cookie (milk optional). This method has the advantage of helping people actually taste the filling, to better understand what flavor they were trying to go for.

The twist:

photo 3

The cookie was twisted open, and the frosting stayed on one side. Good so far…

The lick:

photo 4


The filling was a bit resistant, but it was overall lickable off of the cookie. I could finally taste the cotton candy flavoring this way, and the flavoring was a bit weak. Mostly tasted like sugar, but not the cotton candy sugar flavor. Fortunately, the flavor didn’t persist for too too long.

The Crunch:

I didn’t realize this before, but Golden Oreos have a fairly strong buttercream flavor to them on their own. Normally, the filling counteracts this somewhat, but in this case, that was the major taste you got when eating the Cotton Candy Oreos on their own.

The Ranking:

On Oreo Life, Oreos get ranked into one of five tiers based on a completely biased opinion. We shall do the same here. Overall, Cotton Candy Oreos aren’t offensive to the tastes, unlike some other flavors (looking at you, Fruit Punch Oreos. Crystallized sugar pieces, really? Disgusting!) However, they didn’t really give much of a punch flavorwise either. They were kinda just there. So, my ranking for this cookie is 3/5, or ‘Cookie Tier’ on Oreo Life’s ranking scheme.

Where can I find them?

Amazon? You might be lucky and see them at a Target in your area, but I don’t think that this flavor is going to be sticking around for much longer.

photo 1




Review All the Things – Love Letter (Kanai Factory Limited Edition)

This week, we’ll be looking at a game that many people already have heard of called Love Letter. Marketed as of of the games that helped reinvigorate the microgame market, the premise of Love Letter is quite simple. The players are suitors trying to win tokens of affection from the
Princess, either through eliminating all of the other players or by ending the round with the highest-ranking card in the set. With only 16 cards in the deck, rounds go quite quickly, allowing for several games to be played in quick succession.

AEG has made several variants of this game (Munchkin themed, Batman themed, LotR themed), but almost all of these variants are simply reskins of the Tempest (“original” Love Letter) version of the game. The version that I’m looking at today, the Kanai Factory Limted Edition,added one little twist to the game that actually changes how it is played quite a bit.

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