Thanks, and info on holiday updates

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to say thank you all for following my blog over the last five months (give or take). I wasn’t expecting the blog to really go anywhere, but it’s been fun posting and seeing people read and reply to my posts! I wanted to give a few shoutouts:

Thanks to my 27 followers, you guys are awesome! Double thanks to those who have commented on my posts.

Thanks to MSP Games, for giving me the opportunity to review their games over the past month or two, it’s really helped with visibility for the blog!

Thanks to my friends and family, for supporting this endeavor.

Now, for the holiday season I will be trying to work on a buffer of short stories and other posts, so that I have some leeway in the coming months. I will also be updating the About page and adding another page or two for particular categories. Updates will be Holiday Throwbacks to short stories that I’ve written in the past, ripped from my old Fictionpress account.

Finally, I and three other people will be doing a marathon gaming stream this Saturday/Sunday for an organization called Extra Life, a charity dedicated to helping defray medical costs for children. If you are interested in learning more (or making a small donation), click HERE. I’ll post on Saturday when the stream starts, feel free to drop by and say hi!

Again, thank you all for your support over the past few months, it’s been a blast writing this blog for you all!


Random Thoughts: Pick your Poison…

Here’s a new post type for you! Random Thoughts – collecting whatever is randomly in my head at the moment. It fits with the original theme of this blog, where I was supposed to be posting whatever floated to the surface of my mind as I went through my day.

This was an old thought of mine from way back when – back when people were strongly freaking out about Ebola in the US. Before you go to the comments and call me a heartless, insensitive jerk, I have this to say: you’re right on two out of those three! But all I could think of when skimming these posts (and no one seemed to post anything on social media not related to Ebola) was E. Honda. Yes, that E. Honda. With that, I made a random picture based on my frame of thought:

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