Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: The Marvels of Technology!

((Please note – this post will be GIF-heavy. I was really craving GIFs for some reason! Also, thanks to the Binding of Isaac Wiki, as well as the Official Play This Seed Megatread on Reddit))

This time on BOI: S, I’ll be talking about Technology, when its awesome, and when it’s not. Before I get into looking at various Technological ‘marvels’, however, we should first discuss what Technology is in Binding of Isaac. Technology is a thin laser beam that is shot full screen and pierces through enemies. As a tradeoff, it has a very narrow hitbox compared to normal tears.

There are five items in Binding of Isaac that give the Technology effect: three pickups (Tech 0.5, Technology, and Technology 2) and two familiars (Robo-Baby and Robo-Baby 2.0). Let’s take a look at each one in turn: Continue reading