Review all the Things: Micro Play-Break: Kingdoms

Note: All pictures are from a prototype version of the game, and is not indicative of the final quality of the product. Also, I am terrible at cutting things, to explain the extra paper around, well, all of my pieces…

Fresh from their successful Kickstarter of Micro Play-Break: Castles, the folks at MSP Games have designed another game, Micro Play-Break: Kingdoms! I had the fortune of receiving a prototype version of the game this week to go along with my review of Castles, and I wanted to share my thoughts with all of you. You can find the Kickstarter here – after reading, learn more about the game directly from the source!

Similarly to Castles, Kingdoms is an ultra-portable game that can easily fit in your purse or wallet. Although I didn’t directly test it like I did for Castles, the dimensions of the game are similar enough that I can say with certainty that it’ll work. The first thing about Kingdoms that caught my eye was the board. Unlike with Castles, the board for Kingdoms is necessary to play, due to its less-abstract nature. The board is divided into three concentric sections – forested regions on the outskirts of the board that are limited to one of the two players, plains on the inside where the game starts, and swampland in the center of the map (more on the swamps later). The artwork on the map itself is nicely drawn – if it weren’t needed for play, it could possibly make for a nice piece to put on the wall. It definitely attracted the attention of people while I was preparing the prototype for play! Continue reading