Binding of Isaac Shenanigans – Mini Guppy (?) seed

It’s been a while since we’d had a Binding of Isaac post! I keep forgetting to write down my seeds when I get interesting combinations, There was one that I had earlier today with Dad’s Key (which apparently unlocks Secret and Top Secret rooms now – pretty handy!) and some other cool swag, but I forgot to write it down.

The seed here, though, is an interesting one, to say the least. With it, you get a Mini Mushroom on the first floor, and Virgo (treasure room), Guppy’s Paw (Curse Room) and the Pentagram (Boss room) on the second floor. The Devil room behind the boss has Guppy’s Collar when I used Judas, or several Guppy Items when I got a Goat’s head from Dicing the Guppy’s Paw with Isaac. I haven’t been able to investigate with anyone else yet – the boss for floor 2 with this seed is Fistula, making obtaining the Devil room quite difficult. There are some other awesome Treasure Room items, but there seems to be a lack of keys, which is quite disconcerting.

Unless you’re playing as Cain, it felt like – I had six keys with him at the end of the second floor. Looks like the Luck stat is more important than I thought!

There’s also a room on floor 3 with all the beggars, another interesting gambit depending on who you are using, as well as several Joker cards on floor 5, to easily try and get Guppy Mode. However, I haven’t managed to get it yet with any of my runs. I’ll be powering through as Judas to see what I can find from the Devil/Angel Rooms, as well as Isaac and Cain. You’ll hear back from me in two weeks!

The seed is as follows:



Happy Hunting! Let me know in the comments what you find in the seed, or if you have any seeds that you’ve found interesting!