Random Thoughts: Covering up

On today’s Random Thoughts, we’ll discuss the subject of cover songs. I personally love most cover songs, as they generally offer a fresh new taste on a song, sometimes in a genre that is completely different in sound and style from the original. Now, some people I’ve talked to really don’t like the idea of covers, as they feel that the cover is essentially theft of the song from the original artist. That’s a completely different discussion onto itself, but I generally am in support of a cover if it is distinct enough from the original. Exhibit A:

The song looked at here is Just the Way You Are, sung by Bruno Mars and covered by Pierce the Veil. I actually heard the Pierce the Veil version first, which convinced me to go find the original. As you can pretty easily tell in the first minute or so of each song, they have similar themes musically, but Just the Way You Are sounds very different as a punk song than in more of an R&B style. Again, they do need to be quite different in order to be really good covers in my mind.


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