This Week on Channel A! (December 2014 input request)

Hey everyone! When I first started this blog, I had a feature known as “This Week on Channel A!”, where I made a terrible drawing of an anime pitch that I or someone else came up with while playing Asmadi Games’ Channel A. However, I quickly ran out of ideas. Although I hope to get in another round one of these days, I could use your help. Below, there are two images. The first image has the two premise cards, while the second image has a bunch of title cards. Using 2-4 of the title cards, I challenge anyone to come up with an interesting anime title and pitch that fits the two premise cards! I’ll pick the best one, and make a terrible drawing based off of that idea for January! (I have one left that I’m going to be working on in December). Have fun!

photo 1

photo 2

For those that may be having trouble seeing the images on the post, here they are:

Premises: Otaku (an obsessive fan), Gun Action

Title Cards: Brave, Ghost, Police, Rain, Area, Magica, Princess, Genesis, Ultra, Stars.

Basic prepositions may be added if necessary to fill out the title.


This Week on Channel A – Ultimate Milky Blood Complex

((Testing the waters for a new post type. Channel A is a game from Asmadi Games (, where you try to pitch anime titles! The first session was fun, and prompted this post!))


A coming-of-age vampire story – Ultimate Milky Blood Complex! When given a choice, will our protagonist succumb to these new inner urges, or will he remain safely in the past, oblivious to the changes taking place? Find out this week, on Channel A!


Ultimate Milky Blood Complex



Since I only had a pen, I needed to make sure that I knew exactly what I was drawing!

UMBC outtakes


((Let me know if you want more like this!))