Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: Fun with Azazel

So, quick post this time: Here are two fun seeds that interact quite nicely with Azazel’s mini-brimstone:

ZYS1 ONMS (Ludovico Technique)

Azazel Ludovico tech final, and

DXR7 29OJ (Anti-gravity)

Azazel antigrav final

Both of them are awesome. Now, back to enjoying some Helldivers. Dokapon Kingdom update tomorrow! Have fun!


Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: The Marvels of Technology!

((Please note – this post will be GIF-heavy. I was really craving GIFs for some reason! Also, thanks to the Binding of Isaac Wiki, as well as the Official Play This Seed Megatread on Reddit))

This time on BOI: S, I’ll be talking about Technology, when its awesome, and when it’s not. Before I get into looking at various Technological ‘marvels’, however, we should first discuss what Technology is in Binding of Isaac. Technology is a thin laser beam that is shot full screen and pierces through enemies. As a tradeoff, it has a very narrow hitbox compared to normal tears.

There are five items in Binding of Isaac that give the Technology effect: three pickups (Tech 0.5, Technology, and Technology 2) and two familiars (Robo-Baby and Robo-Baby 2.0). Let’s take a look at each one in turn: Continue reading

Binding of Isaac Shenanigans – The Lost is pretty hard.

Short post today, as I’m reeling somewhat from what day it is (or what day it was, depending on when you read this post/what time zone you are in.). Today, we discuss The Lost a little more again, as well as how playing as The Lost is an exercise in futility.

I like to think that I’m decent at Binding of Isaac – I have 100ish hours clocked at this point (1% of the way to becoming an expert!), and I’ve unlocked everything associated with the other characters, as well as most of the challenges. The Lost, though? Let’s let this screenshot illustrate things a bit for you:

The Lost part 2

90 deaths in, and I’ve only managed to beat It Lives, once…I think I’ve only beaten Mom once in all of these deaths as well, now that I think about it. What has this taught me about BoI, and how I play it?

1 – I play quite aggressively, expecting to take hits as I play. When playing as The Lost, that just doesn’t fly

2 – I have poor situational awareness, as I keep managing to corner myself using a character that can fly.

3 – I have started to invent new curse words (maybe – someone else may have already come up with them before – who knows?)

I’m determined to unlock everything with The Lost, but who knows how long that will take…best of luck to everyone else going through this game (unless you’ve already unlocked everything, in which case go die in a fire :D)

Binding of Isaac Shenanigans – Mini Guppy (?) seed

It’s been a while since we’d had a Binding of Isaac post! I keep forgetting to write down my seeds when I get interesting combinations, There was one that I had earlier today with Dad’s Key (which apparently unlocks Secret and Top Secret rooms now – pretty handy!) and some other cool swag, but I forgot to write it down.

The seed here, though, is an interesting one, to say the least. With it, you get a Mini Mushroom on the first floor, and Virgo (treasure room), Guppy’s Paw (Curse Room) and the Pentagram (Boss room) on the second floor. The Devil room behind the boss has Guppy’s Collar when I used Judas, or several Guppy Items when I got a Goat’s head from Dicing the Guppy’s Paw with Isaac. I haven’t been able to investigate with anyone else yet – the boss for floor 2 with this seed is Fistula, making obtaining the Devil room quite difficult. There are some other awesome Treasure Room items, but there seems to be a lack of keys, which is quite disconcerting.

Unless you’re playing as Cain, it felt like – I had six keys with him at the end of the second floor. Looks like the Luck stat is more important than I thought!

There’s also a room on floor 3 with all the beggars, another interesting gambit depending on who you are using, as well as several Joker cards on floor 5, to easily try and get Guppy Mode. However, I haven’t managed to get it yet with any of my runs. I’ll be powering through as Judas to see what I can find from the Devil/Angel Rooms, as well as Isaac and Cain. You’ll hear back from me in two weeks!

The seed is as follows:



Happy Hunting! Let me know in the comments what you find in the seed, or if you have any seeds that you’ve found interesting!

Binding of Isaac: Shenanigans (Giant Tears, Homing Mines, Cluster Grenades)

((I think that I’m going to make Binding of Isaac Shenanigans a regular post type. They’re fun to do!))

This time on Binding of Isaac: Shenanigans, we’ll be taking a look at three combos that I wound up acquiring over the past two weeks.As with last week, I’ll be telling you the combo, as well as showing a bit of it in action and including the seed that spawned these items. I’m trying three different styles this week – images, GIFs and Youtube videos. Let me know which you prefer!

First up, we have this:

Such big tears you have, Isaac!

Such big tears you have, Isaac!

Shots that take up half the size of the room? Sign me up! This is a combination of three powerups and a trinket:

Polyphemus – Instead of two normal tears, generates one large tear.

Cricket’s Head – Damage increase, increases the size of tears fired.

Proptosis – Generates a giant tear that shrinks in size over time.

The synergy from all three tear growing objects resulted in the giant tear that was seen. Later on in that run as well, I picked up a Lump of Coal from Krampus, which increases the size of the tear as it travels. This canceled the shrinking effect of proptosis, giving me really large tear shots. I had also picked up rubber cement, which gave the tears a ricochet effect! It Lives got mulched even quicker than Mom’s Heart did in the Guppy mode video! Sadly, I do not have a seed for this one (as it would’ve been AWESOME)

Next, we have this:

Continue reading

Extra Life Highlights: Binding of Isaac Rebirth – Guppy Mode Shenanigans

What’s with the title? Isn’t today a story update day? It was supposed to be, but as I sat down to think about writing the Western/Supernatural Story, I was struck with a severe feeling of Apathy Syndrome. After facing myself and gaining my Persona (yes, I’m mixing games and theories. No, I don’t care one iota about it), I realized that I just didn’t care about the characters or the plot enough to go forward with that story. I might come back to it at a later time, but for now, I’m putting it on the back burner and focusing on the ARC (Science Fiction) series of short stories. But, I wasn’t mentally prepared for them either, so I decided to do something completely non-short story related.

Enter The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a game that I played for Saturday’s Count Down to Dokapon Stream.

What did I just watch?

In the Binding of Isaac, there were five items associated with a cat named Guppy (Guppy’s Head, Guppy’s Paw, Guppy’s Tail, Dead Cat, and Guppy’s Hairball). Rebirth added another Guppy item called Guppy’s Collar. If you collected any three of these items (minus the hairball), you would activate what is called Guppy Mode. This mode gave you a cat-like appearance (tail, ears, etc.) as well as two effects. First, you gained flight if you didn’t already have it, improving your mobility greatly and allowing you to ignore pits and rock formations. Second, you gained an improved version of the Mulligan item. The Mulligan works as follows: when you hit an enemy with one of your tears, there is a small chance that a Kamikaze fly (the blue flies) will spawn and attack your enemy, or circle around you if there are no targets. In Guppy Mode, the chances of a Kamikaze Fly spawning is much, much higher (near 100%). As a result, you can get a small army of Kamikaze Flies circling you, darting out to decimate anything that comes near. It trivializes the game, as was seen at the end, when I beat Mom’s Heart in a matter of seconds. Some people might think it broken, but to them I say – you’re playing The Binding of Isaac. Take what you can get!

The funny part? I didn’t even need Guppy Mode, my setup was already really good. I had Polyphemus (One large tear fired at a slowish fire rate), Cancer (a trinket that ramps up your fire rate), Mutant Spider (converting my Polyphemus shot to a quad shot [!!!]), and Lost Contact, which gave my tears a shield effect that allowed for them to block enemy shots. Guppy Mode was just icing on the cake. Continue reading