Random Thoughts – S’mores Oreos, Helldivers, Kirby

Here are some random things (3, to be exact!) that I have to say for you today.



1 – S’mores Oreos came out last week. I was tempted to do a Review ALL The things of them for you this week, but I’ll leave that to Luis over at Oreo Life┬áto review. Here are my quick thoughts, though. They’re phenomenal cookies, and you should all go out and buy them. I used to say that the Reese’s Oreos were unconditionally my favorite flavor, but S’mores gives them a run for their money. They got the graham cracker-flavored cookie spot-on (much better than their red velvet cookies, at any rate) and the filling and cookie complement each other’s flavors well. My lab demolished a package of them over the course of two days, which seems like a long time until you realize that it was Sunday and Memorial Day.

2 – I am terribly addicted to Helldivers at the moment. Got it on Friday, and I’m already up to level 16. Helldivers is a top-down twin stick shooter by Arrowhead Games, the same company that brought us Magicka. Two of the things that I love most about it are the fact that it is cross-…well, EVERYTHING (play, save and buy between PS4, PS3 and Vita), as well as the fact that it allows for both couch and online co-op, with blending between the two allowed. With the industry’s constant shift towards online-only multiplayer, this is a breath of fresh air. I spent most of it playing solo, but got readdicted when I played with a few friends online. Looking to getting a few local friends together to play it, as well as finding new people to play it online with!

3 – I’m also playing Kirby’s Dream Collection (as some of you saw on my stream two weeks ago). Although I mainly got it for an opportunity to play Kirby Super Star again (as my DS card for Super Star Ultra doesn’t like cooperating), I spent a good hour or so just going through the history of Kirby and learning about all of the spin-off games that were made. Also, getting to play Kirby’s Adventure and Kirby 64 for the first time is definitely welcome as well! Now, if only they would bring back Yo-Yo in the new games…Whip is kind of a compromise, but it isn’t 90’s enough for me.