Review All the Things – Love Letter (Kanai Factory Limited Edition)

This week, we’ll be looking at a game that many people already have heard of called Love Letter. Marketed as of of the games that helped reinvigorate the microgame market, the premise of Love Letter is quite simple. The players are suitors trying to win tokens of affection from the
Princess, either through eliminating all of the other players or by ending the round with the highest-ranking card in the set. With only 16 cards in the deck, rounds go quite quickly, allowing for several games to be played in quick succession.

AEG has made several variants of this game (Munchkin themed, Batman themed, LotR themed), but almost all of these variants are simply reskins of the Tempest (“original” Love Letter) version of the game. The version that I’m looking at today, the Kanai Factory Limted Edition,added one little twist to the game that actually changes how it is played quite a bit.

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Extraction (part 1)

I’d been tailing my mark for close to an hour. Careful to keep my distance, I was waiting for him to trip up. Take a side turn down an alley, head into an elevator, anything to pull him out of the public’s view. My hand slid into my jacket pocket, fingering the handle of the stiletto switchblade in my pocket. Sighing slightly, I looked around. There were no police, I could swiftly move in, take out the target, and leave before anyone called for help. But, my employer wanted it done as discretely as possible. And so the chase continued.

 Did this guy have anything better to do than just walk around? Surely, he had some commitments to meet, something more to do than wandering aimlessly down crowded streets. As if on cue, the man pulled out his cellular phone, and stood still. After a moment’s time, he put the phone back in his pocket and headed down a side path. “About time, Mr. Clark,” I muttered to myself. My hand returned to my jacket, gripping the stiletto hilt tightly. I quickened my pace, following his path into the alley.

I turned the corner, and heard the crack of a gunshot, followed immediately by my leg giving way. I crumpled to the ground, as two men in grey security outfits walked up to me with guns drawn. Mr. Clark was getting into a car at the end of the alley. One of the guards stepped on the wound. Pain shot up my leg. He pulled out a stun gun, and pressed it to my side. My entire body stiffened, and my vision went black.


“Time to buckle back in,” Archer said, pulling me back to reality, “We’re about to enter atmo.” I adjusted my harness, making sure that it was snug. In addition, I doublechecked the coolant levels on my suit, just in case there was a leak. Everything seemed to check out.

Archer pulled up slightly, and I felt a shaking of the craft as we entered Earth’s atmosphere. I sank heavily into the seat, inertia grabbing hold of me. My mind drifted to the task at hand. Archer and I were to meet with Andrew, who had been monitoring the Greene residence for the past half day or so. Once we had met up, we would enter the residence and extract the Greenes, if necessary. Afterwards, the three of us would remain on standby until Q located Sam. At that point, we would retrieve her and return to the ARC facility in New York City for further instructions.

The shaking subsided, and I could feel the ship shifting. I began to feel less downward pressure, and a new pressure pushing me backwards. Our first stop was most likely the ARC station in Brazil. With the satellite in geostationary orbit above the Atlantic Ocean, A straight shot towards Earth would generally land us close to South America. Archer and I would then jump to a short-range aircraft that would get us relatively close to where the Greene’s lived, where we’d get a vehicle for the remainder of the trip. Q had everything prearranged during our flight, so there should be minimal downtime between each leg of the journey.

“What do ya think, Syrus?” Archer asked, flipping a few switches. Light poured into the cockpit as the heat shields went down. “Should we be worried about the Greenes?”

“Most likely not,” I responded. “It’s Andrew. He can handle things if need be.”

“Fair enough.” Archer adjusted the ship’s heading. It was likely to be an uneventful trip to Brazil. I closed my eyes, trying to clear my mind as best I could.

Thanks, and info on holiday updates

With the holiday season upon us, I wanted to say thank you all for following my blog over the last five months (give or take). I wasn’t expecting the blog to really go anywhere, but it’s been fun posting and seeing people read and reply to my posts! I wanted to give a few shoutouts:

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Thanks to MSP Games, for giving me the opportunity to review their games over the past month or two, it’s really helped with visibility for the blog!

Thanks to my friends and family, for supporting this endeavor.

Now, for the holiday season I will be trying to work on a buffer of short stories and other posts, so that I have some leeway in the coming months. I will also be updating the About page and adding another page or two for particular categories. Updates will be Holiday Throwbacks to short stories that I’ve written in the past, ripped from my old Fictionpress account.

Finally, I and three other people will be doing a marathon gaming stream this Saturday/Sunday for an organization called Extra Life, a charity dedicated to helping defray medical costs for children. If you are interested in learning more (or making a small donation), click HERE. I’ll post on Saturday when the stream starts, feel free to drop by and say hi!

Again, thank you all for your support over the past few months, it’s been a blast writing this blog for you all!

Update Schedule Changing soon!

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken the time to look at this blog. It’s kinda bipolar, between gaming and creative writing, but I’ve enjoyed posting things for everyone over the past few months. If you haven’t already, would you be so kind as to be a subscriber? That way, you can easily keep track of all of the updates as they come through.

Speaking of which – I think it’s time to update more than once a week, don’t you? Starting next week, I’ll be updating twice a week (Sunday/Monday and Wednesday/Thursday)! The S/M slot will be dedicated solely to short stories, alternating between the Western/Supernatural and SciFi settings that I’ve started work on. The W/R slot will be dedicated to more Review all the Things, This Week on Channel A, and a third gaming-related post type.

Finally – I intend to start doing livestreams again in the near future, and those will be seen on here as well sporadically on Saturdays.

Once again, thank you all for your support thus far – it’s been serious motivation to keep going with this blog!


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