“Stream” – Michael and Jon play some Smash

This post is only a few days late…Since I’ve been out of town for my undergraduate reunion, I did not stream any games this Saturday. Instead, I recorded some gameplay of Smash and Mario Kart 8 with one of my friends from graduate school. You can watch and see/listen me slowly descend into madness/get hype for no reasons whatsoever below. Unfortunately, my coop partner did not speak very loudly, so he is not as audible unless you’re really trying. Enjoy!


Streaming – Kirby’s Dream Collection

Today I’ll be playing a bit of Kirby’s Dream Collection, a set of six Kirby platformers from the Game Boy to the N64. Enjoy!

Here is the first mini-stream, where I played through Kirby’s Dream Land for the Game Boy (and a tiny bit of Extra Game):

Here is the second stream, where I played the first three games in Kirby Super Star: