Dokapon Kingdom – Chapter 1 Event

Where did we leave off from last time?

Cash poisoned donutRight. Some…MONSTER gave a poor dog a poisoned donut! We were trying to find the antidote to save the dog’s life!

And get a deed to a castle. This is Dokapon, after all, and altruism is but a figment of our imaginations. The King directed us to go find Granny, who had made an antidote for Cash.

GrannyShe was chilling out in the southeast section of Asiana. All four players raced to get to her. Luis got within three spaces, landing on the item spot.

3 CrystalHer luck was paying off, and she would be able to reach Granny next turn. Ashby knew that he needed to do what he could to not make that happen. He dashed past Luis, rifling through her pockets as he walked by… Continue reading


Dokapon Kingdom Chapter 1 – Big Bad Hunting

More Dokapon for everyone! This is a continuation of the last post made forever ago. Some of the recording was lost between those videos and this one, which caused some of the delay, but here are some important things of note:


– Tamsi met Leanne, who gave him the Meat of Hope to deliver to a village. It contained the hopes and dreams of all who played.

– Killer Fish were living up to their namesake, and I think everyone had at least one death to those chumps by this point?

– The King had commissioned us to take out some Big Bads that were terrorizing the continent of Asiana. Each chapter has two components – a section where you liberate the towns from a certain number of Big Bads (2 for Asiana, the number increases in later chapters) while grinding out levels and equipment, and some sort of ‘plot’.

MVP of this update: Tamsi, for singlehandedly advancing the plot by taking out both Big Bads.

LVP of this update: Tamsi. How was Tamsi both most and least valuable? Find out below!

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Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Weeks 3 and 4

View last weeks update here, and see the general overview of this playthrough here.

Welcome to Weeks 3 and 4(ish) of the Dokapon Kingdom playthrough! Now that we’re into the bulk of the game, updates will cover larger stretches of time, showing only the highlights (As they were). If someone isn’t mentioned, assume that they’re either dead, dying, or putzing around picking up items at item spaces.

Highlights of this update:

– Meet the other two shopkeeps!

– Watch Sam uppercut a fish and show how you actually win the game!

– Michael finds the most important item in the game (So far).

– This:


MVP of this update: The Killer Fish. How can an enemy unit be the most valuable player? Read on to find out!

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Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Week 2

Read Week 1 here. Access the informational page for Dokapon Kingdom here.


A day late, but here’s Week 2 of Dokapon Kingdom!


– We finally finish the prologue area, and start the main game. Jon and Michael actually escape the forest!

– Luis discovers the Money Bridge, but doesn’t profit.

– Michael continues being an excellent example for game mechanics in Dokapon Kingdom.


MVP of this week: Michael (for being an inadvertent tutorial monkey, and also for dying horribly)

As always, the update is image-intensive, so click “Read More” to see. Enjoy!

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Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Week 1

(Due to this post being quite image-heavy, I’ve hidden a chunk of it behind the “Read More” tag. This will be the case for all Dokapon Kingdom updates, don’t want to unintentionally blow up anyone’s browser!)

As part of Extra Life (charity gaming fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals), I wrangled up three other people to play a game with me over part of winter break. That game?

Load Screen

Dokapon Kingom – a RPG/board game hybrid for the PS2 and the Wii. Believed to be more rage inducing than most Mario games, the four of us decided to give it a shot and see whether we could maintain our friendship after marathoning this game. 2.5 days and 180GB of video saved later, we realized that the game hadn’t made us want to murder each other too much (with one notable exception). Not too shabby!

So, how will updates work? Updates will be done at some time on Saturdays (going to try and get a buffer going to get a semi-regular update time). Updates will contain 1-4 weeks of gameplay, depending on how riveting events are for that block of time and whether there needs to be substantial explanation. In addition, there will be occasional posts using a dummy party that I have right now, to show off things that we missed (such as dungeons, other classes, etc). If there is a particularly interesting thing that happens, a post will be dedicated to that event specifically!

Not all events will be screencapped, just ones that are interesting/actually contribute something to the game. If I don’t tell you what someone did on a particular day, assume it was something lame, like picking a fight with a kobold or landing on an item/magic space.

What about the other people? For the first two updates, I’ll be solely handling the writing, because there is a lot of info to cover early on. After that, the other three can jump in with whatever commentary they have. Commentary will be denoted by that character’s headshot.

Without any ado, let’s get started!

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