Review All the Things! Chips Ahoy Creme Donut (Dunkin’ Donuts)

This weekend, I was out of town for my undergraduate reunion. I got a chance that I missed last time I was on the East Coast – I actually went to a Dunkin’ Donuts! After stealing about half of someone’s iced coffee, I had two of their food products over the course of the weekend. The first, an Oreo Cheesecake Bar, was reviewed over at Oreo Life, but this post is dedicated to the the Chips Ahoy! Donut. The Chips Ahoy! donut was introduced at the start of June (just in time for National Donut day!), and there are two varieties. The crunch donut, I did not try, but I assume that it is the same as the creme donut, but without the filling.

Credit: Muad'Dib (P. Wortman)

Credit: Muad’Dib (P. Wortman)

From an external glance, it looks like a Boston Creme donut, but with Chips Ahoy cookie crumble added to the top. The crumble, similar to its Oreo brethren, made a bit of a mess while eating – however, it was less messy due to the chunks being a little bigger. I nibbled at the sides, getting a feel for just the donut and cookie topping. It was pretty good, but nothing particularly fancy. I then bit into the filling. Continue reading


“Stream” – Michael and Jon play some Smash

This post is only a few days late…Since I’ve been out of town for my undergraduate reunion, I did not stream any games this Saturday. Instead, I recorded some gameplay of Smash and Mario Kart 8 with one of my friends from graduate school. You can watch and see/listen me slowly descend into madness/get hype for no reasons whatsoever below. Unfortunately, my coop partner did not speak very loudly, so he is not as audible unless you’re really trying. Enjoy!

Throwback: Captive

Crap, I forgot to make a story for the start of this month…So, here’s the first part of a story that I had tried to get off of the ground (like all of my stories) from back in grad school. Enjoy!



I woke up coughing again. There was a bit of blood on my hand, and I was finally convinced that I was reaching my limits. Only a matter of time before I succumbed to the environment, I kept telling myself, better do what I can now. Breakfast was the same as dinner – canned soup that I ate jellified. The only power that I had left was a small, battery operated lantern, barely enough to see, let alone heat anything. As I ate, the 38% DV sodium in the can was irritating my sores. My mouth screamed bloody murder, but I endured it for as long as possible. Eventually, I gave up, covering the can with a handkerchief. My situation was beyond hopeless, and I couldn’t take it for much longer.

At least the Beretta was still working, and I was glad for that. I checked the magazine, loading a single round. Cocking the action, I placed the barrel right under my chin. My hand, weak as it was from muscle deterioration, started to jitter as sweat poured down my face. Taking a deep breath, I steadied my hand, and pulled the trigger. Click. What did I expect? The only rounds I had left were duds, and I was praying that they were only duds because they were wet. No luck – they were duds because they were poorly made. Tossing the round into a bag, I placed the handgun back on a shelf. Surprisingly calm, I reached for my last bottle of water. Although I was completely parched, I limited myself to two swigs, and then placed it in my backpack. It had to last me through the day.


Wake up, eat breakfast, try to kill myself, get a drink. I’d been following this routine for nearly a month now, and it didn’t even seem morbid anymore. Surreal, maybe. Morbid, not at all. I finished packing my bag with a few empty water bottles, a granola bar, and a few rocks. Strapping my KA-BAR to my thigh, I picked up a crowbar and left the room. The stairways were completely demolished, which made them difficult for anyone to negotiate. In my condition, it was impossible. The fire escape, on the other hand, was still functional, and I used that to get to street level. Hitting the concrete, I stumbled for a few steps before catching myself on the wall. Continue reading

Review ALL The Things – Strawberry & Creme Pies

For the second Review ALL The Things of May, we’re taking a look at another food item! This time, I tried out the Strawberry and Creme pie at McDonalds. Was it worth it?

photo 1

It was alright. It kinda looks like a standard strawberry pie just by looking. With their previous record for standard pies, I was worried.

photo 2

Opening it up, it had a decent amount of cream cheese, which was surprising. Taking a bite out of it, the flavor was surprising as well! It seems that McD’s has gotten better with their pies over time. If you have a reason to go to McDonald’s, you should give it a try.

Random Thoughts – S’mores Oreos, Helldivers, Kirby

Here are some random things (3, to be exact!) that I have to say for you today.

1 – S’mores Oreos came out last week. I was tempted to do a Review ALL The things of them for you this week, but I’ll leave that to Luis over at Oreo Life to review. Here are my quick thoughts, though. They’re phenomenal cookies, and you should all go out and buy them. I used to say that the Reese’s Oreos were unconditionally my favorite flavor, but S’mores gives them a run for their money. They got the graham cracker-flavored cookie spot-on (much better than their red velvet cookies, at any rate) and the filling and cookie complement each other’s flavors well. My lab demolished a package of them over the course of two days, which seems like a long time until you realize that it was Sunday and Memorial Day.

2 – I am terribly addicted to Helldivers at the moment. Got it on Friday, and I’m already up to level 16. Helldivers is a top-down twin stick shooter by Arrowhead Games, the same company that brought us Magicka. Two of the things that I love most about it are the fact that it is cross-…well, EVERYTHING (play, save and buy between PS4, PS3 and Vita), as well as the fact that it allows for both couch and online co-op, with blending between the two allowed. With the industry’s constant shift towards online-only multiplayer, this is a breath of fresh air. I spent most of it playing solo, but got readdicted when I played with a few friends online. Looking to getting a few local friends together to play it, as well as finding new people to play it online with!

3 – I’m also playing Kirby’s Dream Collection (as some of you saw on my stream two weeks ago). Although I mainly got it for an opportunity to play Kirby Super Star again (as my DS card for Super Star Ultra doesn’t like cooperating), I spent a good hour or so just going through the history of Kirby and learning about all of the spin-off games that were made. Also, getting to play Kirby’s Adventure and Kirby 64 for the first time is definitely welcome as well! Now, if only they would bring back Yo-Yo in the new games…Whip is kind of a compromise, but it isn’t 90’s enough for me.


Dokapon Kingdom – Chapter 1 Event

Where did we leave off from last time?

Cash poisoned donutRight. Some…MONSTER gave a poor dog a poisoned donut! We were trying to find the antidote to save the dog’s life!

And get a deed to a castle. This is Dokapon, after all, and altruism is but a figment of our imaginations. The King directed us to go find Granny, who had made an antidote for Cash.

GrannyShe was chilling out in the southeast section of Asiana. All four players raced to get to her. Luis got within three spaces, landing on the item spot.

3 CrystalHer luck was paying off, and she would be able to reach Granny next turn. Ashby knew that he needed to do what he could to not make that happen. He dashed past Luis, rifling through her pockets as he walked by… Continue reading