What is A Little Off (of) the Top?

Simple: it’s whatever happens to be skimmed off the top of my mind. This could be short stories, character designs, gaming-related stuff, or anything else that could be considered creative! (As an aside – if I ever put up artwork or musical stuff of any sort, be afraid.)

As of 2015, there will be updates thrice weekly:

On Sunday or Monday, there will be a short story update set in the ARC universe that I’ve gone back to for the billionth time.

On Wednesday or Thursday, there will be a Review all the Things! post, reviewing games, food,

On Saturday, There will be a post highlighting the adventures of four intrepid souls in the world of Dokapon Kingdom!

If you like what you see, please consider subscribing (on the left sidebar, near the top), or leave a comment! Thanks again for stopping by!


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