Dokapon Kingdom – Chapter 1 Event

Where did we leave off from last time?

Cash poisoned donutRight. Some…MONSTER gave a poor dog a poisoned donut! We were trying to find the antidote to save the dog’s life!

And get a deed to a castle. This is Dokapon, after all, and altruism is but a figment of our imaginations. The King directed us to go find Granny, who had made an antidote for Cash.

GrannyShe was chilling out in the southeast section of Asiana. All four players raced to get to her. Luis got within three spaces, landing on the item spot.

3 CrystalHer luck was paying off, and she would be able to reach Granny next turn. Ashby knew that he needed to do what he could to not make that happen. He dashed past Luis, rifling through her pockets as he walked by…

stolen rock costume…and came up short. Tamsi also made an attempt to get close to Granny, but came up short as well. Sam, on the other hand, seemed not to care and went to Dokapon Castle.

Castle abiltiesDokapon Castle can do a lot of things for a player, from healing them of any status ailments, to allowing you to switch classes. Sam was most interested in the last item, however. He was tired of being bald, and wanted a new haircut. He went to talk to Karlie.

Kyrie 1Karlie made a suggestion that Sam seemed to like. He looked around for the chair that he would sit in as his hair was done. Karlie just smiled, pulling out two kunai.

Sams haircutThere’s a reason why she works for the king. Sam’s hair was styled in seconds.

FavorThe King had a favor to ask of the players:

King's face

: I’m the top gourmand in all of Dokapon Kingdom. However, I haven’t been able to get out much because of all of those pesky monsters!

King's face

: So I want you, adventurers, to go get me a Pierogi, which is the Local Item from Urai.

King's face

: This is just a personal request. You don’t have to do it if you really don’t want to.

King's face

: But if you choose to accept this challenge, I’ll be very happy!


King's face

: Local Items are created when a town reaches Level 3. Use your money to speed up their development!


King's face

: The first person who brings me a Pierogi will be rewarded handsomely!


These little side-quests don’t add much to the plot, but they do act as a source of easy money. This also introduces you to Local items, and the concept of improving your towns to increase their value. It’s similar to Monopoly, or Fortune Street, except that your opponents don’t need to pay in if they land on the spaces.

Meanwhile, Luis used his 3 Crystal to catch up with Granny, and get the Antidote! However, Ashby and Tamsi wanted the antidote as well, and challenged Luis to a duel for the item. It went well for one of them!

From Facebook Chat –

Jon Ashby: You are quickly losing your status as the people’s hero in the early Dokapon game ^.^

Michael Tamsi: There’s no good or bad, there’s just doing in Dokapon.

JA: You murdered Luis for his antidote for Cash!

JA: I’ll admit that I attempted to do the exact same thing, but you actually killed a player!

MT: Like I said

MT: Things just gotta be done.

The useful thing about PvP is that players behind on levels (like Ashby), if they succeed in the fight, will get leveled up to the level of the person they defeated. It’s a good way to catch up on levels!

No part in this

Sam wisely decides that he wants nothing to do with the murdertrain, and heads off to deliver his package.

While attempting to make it back to the castle, Tamsi runs into Mitch Digger. Mitch has a chance of upgrading the value of all of your towns in a continent, but he’s not very good at it, and fails more often than not. Like most Dokapon NPCs, he seems to serve as a money sink Skinner Box that pays off just often enough that a player would be foolish to say no.


With both Luis and Ashby taking a dirt nap, turns are coming around more frequently. Sam makes the delivery, making a hefty sum of money and paying off his medical bills. Tamsi still has trouble making it into the castle, but he eventually succeeds, giving the antidote to Cash!

As could be seen, Tamsi has a commanding lead, while Ashby has been in last place for quite some time. I wonder if things will get turned around in Chapter 2: Hope to see you there!

Chapter 2 start

Standings for those that didn’t want to watch the video:

Standings 1

Standings 2


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