Dokapon Kingdom Chapter 1 – Big Bad Hunting

More Dokapon for everyone! This is a continuation of the last post made forever ago. Some of the recording was lost between those videos and this one, which caused some of the delay, but here are some important things of note:


– Tamsi met Leanne, who gave him the Meat of Hope to deliver to a village. It contained the hopes and dreams of all who played.

– Killer Fish were living up to their namesake, and I think everyone had at least one death to those chumps by this point?

– The King had commissioned us to take out some Big Bads that were terrorizing the continent of Asiana. Each chapter has two components – a section where you liberate the towns from a certain number of Big Bads (2 for Asiana, the number increases in later chapters) while grinding out levels and equipment, and some sort of ‘plot’.

MVP of this update: Tamsi, for singlehandedly advancing the plot by taking out both Big Bads.

LVP of this update: Tamsi. How was Tamsi both most and least valuable? Find out below!

As stated before, I’ll just be doing highlights from now on instead of doing a play-by-play. This is to save on both time and sanity! Here are the remainder of the highlights for the Big Bad hunt in Asiana!

Never Strike Chumps

Luis learned a valuable lesson (I think) – don’t strike everything! Sometimes, the enemies have cunning beyond belief, and will counter you PAINFULLY.

Sam ran into two people while grinding out levels – First, he met Dr. Exiles, a physician that was, well, exiled for his questionable business practices. Sam’s insurance policy refused to cover his checkup, and so he was pushed into a ridiculous amount of debt.

Leanne 1


Leane, in an attempt to help Sam out, gave him a part-time job with her delivery service. A simple delivery to Moriah would help cover most of his bills.

Khan Combo Stolen

The package…wasn’t delivered as expected.

No Hope

Meanwhile, Tamsi got into a life and death battle with another Killer Fish. Tamsi lost the fight, and with it, our hopes and dreams of Dokapon Kingdom being a painless experience.

Red Chest Challenge

Later on, Ashby discovered one of his greatest weaknesses – Red Chests. Red Chests are an ‘upgrade’ to regular chests and item spaces. They will contain really useful items, but they will also contain pain. Try not to pick the pain, and you should be alright. Ashby challenged the red chest twice over the course of Chapter 1 Part 1, and lost both times (money the first time, access to his items the second time).

Ashby and Tamsi met some other NPCs while exploring Asiana. This first is the Old Man. He’ll ask for a chunk of your money, and you can choose to give it to him. After choosing, he will either disappear or turn into the Goddess of Generosity. If you gave him money, then the Goddess will give you a good item! If you didn’t…well, something terrible might happen? We never dared invoke her wrath during the course of this LP.

The second is Roche. Dokapon Kingdom loves roshambo, and almost all NPC battles are resolved using it. Roche will give you half of her money if you beat her, but will take half of your money if you lose. So, until someone has lost, no one gets any money for winning. Interestingly, Roche will also take your debt if you lose to her. It’s a mystery why she does that.

Dodging Big Bad

Sometimes the Big Bad will try to target players with random shenanigans. Tamsi was having none of it, however.

Sam's resurrection

Discovering that Sam had failed to deliver the package for her, Leane had him killed and scalped. It was a sad day.

Town lost

Town steal

At some point, Ashby died, and lost control of a town. The mayor decided that Tamsi was the better choice for town protector.

Finally, Tamsi had decided that it was time to advance the plot, and struck out to take down both of the Big Bads. On this map, they happened to both be Magicians:

When a Big Bad is defeated, the victorious player will get a substantial cash prize, as well as other ‘gifts’, good or bad. I’ll tell you what each Big Bad was, who beat them, and what they got as a reward:

BB1: Magician, Beaten by Tamsi, received 30000 gold and a 3 Spinner

BB2: Magician, Beaten by Tamsi, received 35000 gold and all of his towns gave him money!


With the Big Bads kicked out of Asiana, the King contacted us with a dire situation:

Will our intrepid heroes be able to heal Cash? Find out next time!


3 thoughts on “Dokapon Kingdom Chapter 1 – Big Bad Hunting

  1. Imagine how different the game could have been had the Meat of Hope been successfully delivered. Maybe I wouldn’t have had to strike everything.

    • evashb103 says:

      True, true…wait a second! Tamsi only started getting successful after he lost the Meat of Hope! I’m starting to think that he never lost it…he must’ve eaten it and taken all the hope for himself! #DokaponGate

  2. Had I had the Meat of Hope, maybe I wouldn’t have stayed atop the mountain, allowing Tamsi!!!1!! to solely take 1st.

    I want a rematch! I’ll get my rations ready.

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