Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: The Marvels of Technology!

((Please note – this post will be GIF-heavy. I was really craving GIFs for some reason! Also, thanks to the Binding of Isaac Wiki, as well as the Official Play This Seed Megatread on Reddit))

This time on BOI: S, I’ll be talking about Technology, when its awesome, and when it’s not. Before I get into looking at various Technological ‘marvels’, however, we should first discuss what Technology is in Binding of Isaac. Technology is a thin laser beam that is shot full screen and pierces through enemies. As a tradeoff, it has a very narrow hitbox compared to normal tears.

There are five items in Binding of Isaac that give the Technology effect: three pickups (Tech 0.5, Technology, and Technology 2) and two familiars (Robo-Baby and Robo-Baby 2.0). Let’s take a look at each one in turn:

Tech 0.5:

Tech 0py5

((Seed: KG0Z H94Y))

Tech 0.5 is an interesting pickup. Isaac gets a laser shooting from the center of his head! However, it only sporadically shoots lasers, as the technology is still in a beta phase. That’s a big con if you’re interested in sustained damage. However, it doesn’t affect your tears, so it is essentially extra (if unreliable) damage. Rating: 3/5



((Seed: HSSV BF27))

Technology itself, like Tech 0.5, is a good idea with a liability that you may not want to take. When using Technology, you fire a rapid-fire laser from your left eye. This completely replaces your tears, however. One pro of using Technology (and the other Tech pickups), is that they will synergize with tear effects, giving you such shenanigans as:

Technology inner eye

((Seed: EALF GOL6)) Technology plus Inner Eye

Of the three Tech pickups, this is my favorite, due to its consistent damage and synergy with my go-to character (we’ll see more on this below). Rating: 4/5

Technology 2:

Tech 2 Isaac

((Seed: 7GX0 8A7B))

Technology 2 is a hybrid between the other two Tech pickups. It replaces one eye with a  continuous Tech laser, but still allows for you to fire tears off. It makes for really good damage output…unless you’re playing as Cain.

Tech 2 cain

Cain only fires tears from his right eye, which happens to be the eye that gets replaced by Tech 2. Now, some of you may be wondering – what makes it worse than Technology if you’re playing as Cain? Don’t they both cause you to lose your tear ability? Tech 2, since it still allows for tears normally, is balanced by only being about half as strong as a regular tear. For Cain, then, Tech 2 is completely inferior to Tech 1, although still quite good (see below for awesome seed!). Rating: 4.5/5 if anyone but Cain, 3/5 if playing as Cain.



((Seed: XXTM AKSY))

Robo-Baby is awesome. Although he doesn’t syngergize with Isaac’s tear effects, he doesn’t replace his tears either. The result? A way to snipe from across the room while still keeping your own murderweapons intact. A must-grab on any run. Rating: 5/5

Robo-Baby 2.0:

Robo-baby 2pt0

((Seed:Z0K8 ATM4))

If Robo-Baby was awesome, then Robo-Baby 2.0 should be even more awesome, right? Kinda. It has an auto-fire effect if enemies get into it’s line of sight. “But you can move him around and get him close to enemies!” It sometimes freaks out if there are too many enemies around. A decent familiar, but. ???’s Only Friend and Ludovico Technique this ain’t. A bit difficult to use, but sometimes worth it. Rating: 2.5/5

So, you see, Technology is pretty good, but a bit situational compared to other pickups. Each one has a bit of a shortcoming, but overall, they do have some redeeming qualities, and Robo-Baby is plain awesome. Happy adventures!

Lost Death Count: -119

Crazy seed of the day: 7GX0 8A7B – was supposed to give Technology 2 plus Tiny Planet and Spoon Bender, but it gave something…different.

Technology awesomeness



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