Random Thought: Getting my head back in the game.

((If you haven’t seen Avengers: Rise of Ultron, go watch it. No joke. Totally worth only having 2 hours of sleep between Thursday and Friday for.))

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I posted anything. I had a one-week rebirth earlier this month, but then I died again. I’ve been realizing something recently, though – I miss doing some of my posts, but I don’t miss the others. Sorry to those that joined due to my creative writing, but I realize that that was one of the major stresses that I had while trying to keep this blog going. As much as I personally love the adventures of Syrus, James, and the rest of the ARC gang, I just don’t have the focus to write cohesive stories at the moment involving them. Maybe for NaNo this year? And Dokapon…there was originally something completely different planned with that, but then I lost all the audio from the playthrough. Writing a screenshot LP that is interesting with Dokapon is a bit harder than I thought…

However, I do realize that I want to get back into the full swing of things, because it is just fun to do! With a new month, I’m going to give it another shake, and see what sticks. I’ll be doing a mixture of things this time around, though, to try and make it less stressful for me. Here’s a rough outline of what my new schedule will be (tentative, of course!):

1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month: Streaming! I’ll stream through a game from 9-12ish PT, and then make the stream available through Youtube. I’m going to start this starting tomorrow, so check in for the new stream!

2nd and 4th Saturdays: Dokapon! I’ll dedicate each month to a chapter, and have two updates covering larger blocks of time.

1st Monday: Short story of some sort. They’ll be whole stories, and there will be no continuity issues to worry about between stories! Maybe.

2nd and 4th Mondays: Random Thoughts. I’ll do something quick, talk about what’s on my mind

3rd Monday: Smashed Up! I’ll talk about one of my favorite card games, and take a look at each of the factions that you can play as.

1st and 3rd Thursdays: Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: 100 hours in, and I’m still finding ridiculous stuff. We’ll discuss any interesting seeds that I find, or any particularly BS things (I’m looking at you, The Lost!)

2nd and 4th Thursdays: Review all the Things! Now, I will be actually reviewing ALL the things, instead of it being a solely gaming-related review. Movies, music, food, games, fugue states, all is fair game!

Now, some of you may be saying “well, that’s nice for Februarys, but what about the months that have a 5th of any of these dates?” To that, I say…we’ll see when it gets to one!

Anywho, good chat! See you tomorrow for the first stream of the month! I’ll be playing Earth Defense Force 2025. Bug smashing goodness!



2 thoughts on “Random Thought: Getting my head back in the game.

  1. Excited for BoI and Review all the things! And it’s totally awesome that your tastes are changing and having to reorganize storyline priorities, I think the fans will appreciate this the most from a creator when the story can flow organically. Like the organized schedule also 😉 trying to. Establish one for my own life 😉

    • evashb103 says:

      Fingers crossed that I can stick to the schedule…I’ll have to set up some method of forcing me to stay on top of it. Setting up a buffer would be the best idea, but that would require enough free time to actually do it. We’ll see if I can keep it up for this month!

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