Binding of Isaac Shenanigans: The Lost

Man, it’s been a while since I updated, eh? Somethingsomething utterly destroyed by work and a bunch of other things. But, I’ve somewhat organized myself, and I feel like a month away from the blog is long enough. Without further ado, another BOI episode, this time about the Lost – Rebirth’s super secret character:

The Lost

I won’t detail how to unlock the Lost here, for spoiler reasons. You can, however, check out the wiki to learn how to unlock this character.

I, personally, like the method for unlocking the character, but greatly detest how to discover how to unlock the Lost. The way that it was originally designed, McMillan had tried to set it up so that the Internet would have to pool their resources to solve the problem. A Reddit thread had made decent progress before someone looked in the code to find the unlock conditions. Although I don’t agree with cheating the information out of the game, what McMillan had in mind wasn’t a grand idea either. The Reddit thread claimed that this was exciting and “like the NES days” with one major exception:

You could unlock things by yourself without this much insanity back in the NES days.

I think that a game’s unlocks should be solvable by one player on their own in a reasonable period of time. Does it create a sense of community? Sure! Does it get people excited? Of course! Does it make it a better unlock than traditional means? Nope! I felt no feeling of accomplishment because it was completely figured out by the time I had even finished unlocking the rest of the characters. An arbitrary unlocking method hidden behind an equally arbitrary (plus near impossible for a single player to discover on their own) “fetch quest” is a bit of a jarring experience compared to all of the other skill-based unlocks in the game.

That said, playing as The Lost is hard as hell. I managed to beat It Lives, and it only took me 22 deaths so far! My new goal is to try and unlock everything with The Lost (fingers crossed!)


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