Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Weeks 3 and 4

View last weeks update here, and see the general overview of this playthrough here.

Welcome to Weeks 3 and 4(ish) of the Dokapon Kingdom playthrough! Now that we’re into the bulk of the game, updates will cover larger stretches of time, showing only the highlights (As they were). If someone isn’t mentioned, assume that they’re either dead, dying, or putzing around picking up items at item spaces.

Highlights of this update:

– Meet the other two shopkeeps!

– Watch Sam uppercut a fish and show how you actually win the game!

– Michael finds the most important item in the game (So far).

– This:


MVP of this update: The Killer Fish. How can an enemy unit be the most valuable player? Read on to find out!

Week 3:

Week 3 began as most weeks do in Dokapon Kingdom:


With Luis stealing something of value from the other players. En route to the Weapon Shop, she liberated a 5 Crystal from Sam. When at the Weapon Shop, she wound up upgrading both her weapon and armor:


The Rapier was a much needed upgrade, offering 2.5X the damage of the Dagger as well as a 3pt SP boost. The speed boost from the Rapier was offset by the 3pt SP loss of the Bronze shield, although the extra 5 DF was still quite useful at this stage. With this equipment, Luis was set to handle the first continent readily.

vlcsnap-00004Michael fell in combat in the desert, but the Angels took pity on him, only taking him out of play for a turn.


Jon, on the other hand, made his way over to the Item shop, encountering Chance Boutique, who acts as French as her name implies. At the item shops, one can purchase consumable items, such as Crystals, Spinners, stat boosters, and healing/recovery items. Later on, shops will also carry Magic Keys, which are used to open Locked Chest spaces in various dungeon areas.


Every so often, a player landing on a yellow space will have a random NPC encounter instead of being thrust into battle. The exclamation point indicates an NPC. Who did Sam encounter?


An old man. Usually asking for a certain percentage of your gold, the Beggar man will sometimes be a Goddess of Generosity and reward you for selflessly donating your money.


9 times out of 10 (it seemed, because this is Dokapon we’re talking about) the Beggar Man would just vanish into thin air, taking your money with him. Since the Goddess can also potentially punish people who refuse to give money to the Beggar, it’s hard to tell which is the better choice. I personally err on the side of caution and always say yes.


New enemy type! The Pixie can cast a spell called Sleepy. The damage is never very good, but a player that doesn’t MG defend against it will be put to sleep, forcing the combat to continue on for another turn. Annoying in the hands of an enemy, very dangerous in the hands of another player.


Sam, being a Magician, went to find Crysta (a cat mage, that makes as many cat puns as one would expect from the little bit of dialogue above) to try and upgrade his magic (he had already upgraded his weapons and armor to a Spear and Bronze Shield earlier). Unfortunately, 500G is barely enough to buy basic magic from Crysta. Crysta offers both Field Magic and Battle/Defensive Magic, making the cat the next most important stop on a new continent after Hans.


Michael, having just recently recovered from his bout of death earlier in the week, left a trap for the other players to hopefully land on down the road.

Fun Fact – no one stepped on this trap over the course of the entire game.

He then encountered another NPC in the desert:


Leane, will give players items to deliver to various towns on various continents. It is always in your best interest to say yes for two reasons:

1) Delivering the item in question will net you a pretty good chunk of change, depending on how long it takes you (don’t take more than a few weeks, else you won’t get anything).

2) Even if you don’t want to deliver the item, you can still sell it, give it to the King, or use it for your own devices. Leane won’t get mad at you (I think).

What item is Michael being requested to deliver to Jurong, you may ask?


Needless to say, Tamsi carries a heavy burden on his shoulders.


In other news, Sam murdered a Mycopath guarding one of the villages, rescuing it from Batman (as Luis would say. Several times.)


After rescuing the town, you get fireworks, and the town falls under your control, If you liberate a town from a Big Monster (the red guy up there), then you’ll get a cash prize from the King, plus…other rewards that could be either good or bad. And with that, Week 3 is over!


As can be seen here, owning towns is how you win at Dokapon Kingdom. Now that Sam has a town, the rest of us can’t even touch him (until we get our own towns, that is).

Week 4:

OHHHHH BOY Week 4 is exciting! Week 4 started, as most weeks start…


…with Luis moving a ridiculously far distance using her 3 Spinner and robbing Jon and Sam blind finding several items of value while traveling.


Pirates caught up with her, though, taking what she had stole, with her life as a bonus.


The Big Monster can occasionally do terrible things to the board or to players. This expertly dropped Roadblock Rock, for instance, is blocking players from taking a quick route towards the boss, instead making them take a roundabout path. For now, only one Roadblock Rock is being dropped. Over time, there will be more dropped at once. It will be rage-inducing.


Here’s a look at Michael’s Meat of Hope. It is imperative that he get this to Jurong, for the hopes and dreams of the population.


Meanwhile, Sam takes a detour across the ocean and meets the MVP for this update in combat! Killer Fish aren’t particularly dangerous, apart from their special ability:


When they case Waterfall, a small amount of magic damage (less due to Sam’s MG stat) is dealt. If magic guarded, this is the end of it. However, if not guarded, there is a chance of…


…a piece of equipment breaking. Several monsters have abilities that do this, which is obnoxious, especially when a player had recently purchased a quite powerful weapon or armor from Hans. Naturally, there is a player variant of this spell, if you hate your friends.


In response to having his Spear broken, Sam decided to instead Shoryuken the fish into submission. Now, Sam’s money woes were becoming to be a bit more problematic, but he was a Magician, his MG stat would more than make up for his lack of physical prowess.


Luis’s first turn after coming back to life started with stealing one of Jon’s potions. The nerve of her! She then got into a fight with another Killer Fish on the same square that Sam had defeated the other one on. I like to imagine that it was the same fish, back for revenge.


Despite her best efforts, the fish barely hung on to life.


If a battle is underway, another player can try and interfere, picking a fight with one of the contestants. Jon demonstrated this here, by attempting the finish off the Killer Fish that Luis had weakened, planning to beat her afterwards as well.


The Fish had other plans, dodging Jon’s attack and then killing him. *slow clap* Luis finished off the fish on her very next turn. Meanwhile, Michael had been fighting against Rogues and Kobolds, and finally fought enough battles to class up!


By gaining levels in a class, the amount of income that you get weekly goes up, and you get the opportunity to learn new moves unique to that class. Muscle, as a direct upgrade to Charge, gets picked up right away. Michael also picked up an item called the Item Trickster while fighting. He brought it over to Hans to look at while he decided whether to upgrade his equipment:


The Item Trickster can get a chance to steal a random item from a player of your choice. What’s that? A “chance” to backfire? In Dokapon Kingdom?


Yeah, that got sold right away without any thought.


The Big Monster decided to Rockblock Sam again (It will generally try to go after the player in first place). Instead of going to fight it, the newly-rekitted Sam instead went into the Desert to fight a Rogue.


Although the Rogue was unable to steal anything from Sam, he did manage to steal the recording, as the rest of week 4 (and part of week 5) is lost. Tune in next time as we decide whether it’s worth trying to figure out what was missing!


The answer is probably no.


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