Random Thoughts – Backlog

As I sit here (realizing that I completely forgot to update my short story not once, but twice!) My mind wanders to my stack of games over by my TV. I’m reminded of a post on IGN a while back, about resolving to beat less games this year. The reasoning made sense – instead of forcing yourself to play any game you start to completion, why not just stop playing games that you don’t enjoy? I definitely have a short list of games to beat this year:

Persona Q and Persona 5(when it comes out), because Persona.

Dark Souls 2, because I loved Dark Souls 1 once I got myself to actually sit down and play it. Sorcery classes make it so much fun!

Earth Defense Force 2025 (as much as one can beat that game, at least)

Kirby’s Epic Yarn, because I need my Kirby fix until I can get a copy of Return to Dream Land or the collection.

Strider – I was having problems with it at the start, but I think it’ll be fine once I use a half-decent controller

And finally, XCOM: Enemy Within. Loved Enemy Unknown, would love to see how the new enemies and factions come into play in the expansion!

I’m also giving up on a few games this year as well. Despite my best efforts, I don’t think that I’m going to finish Shin Megami Tensei IV, it just wasn’t resonating with me as much as I had hoped. Also done trying to beat DmC, it just wasn’t resonating with me as a game, to be honest – we’ll see if my opinion changes after beating Bayonetta. Finally (and I feel like I might get some flak for this) I think I’m done trying to beat The Last of Us: Left Behind. I’ll watch an LP of it, but the DLC was just stressing me out too much and I wasn’t really feeling the plot as much as it resonated with other people.

Any games that you’re hoping to play all the way through this year? Any games that you’re giving up on?


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