Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Week 2

Read Week 1 here. Access the informational page for Dokapon Kingdom here.


A day late, but here’s Week 2 of Dokapon Kingdom!


– We finally finish the prologue area, and start the main game. Jon and Michael actually escape the forest!

– Luis discovers the Money Bridge, but doesn’t profit.

– Michael continues being an excellent example for game mechanics in Dokapon Kingdom.


MVP of this week: Michael (for being an inadvertent tutorial monkey, and also for dying horribly)

As always, the update is image-intensive, so click “Read More” to see. Enjoy!

Week 2:

Sunday (shops closed):


Luis and Jon continue grabbing up movement items (which are possibly the second most important type of item one can have in Dokapon, just after keys)

vlcsnap-00043Michael, being 1 space away from the exit, needs either a 1 or a 6 to escape. He gets neither, picking up a 2 Spinner for his troubles.

Sam snags some more money from a money space (300G to be exact)


The only thing of interest that happened this turn was that Luis walked onto the money bridge:

vlcsnap-00046This row of spaces between the left and right sides of the prologue area has only gold spaces, with much higher values than the gold spaces on the fringes of the map (outer spaces only appeared to have around 1000G as a maximum, while these spaces can get you up to 2000G a pop.

vlcsnap-00047Luis’s luck, however, continued to work against her as she only got a paltry 300G.


vlcsnap-00050Luis picked up the first weapon upgrade! A Dagger, apart from having twice the attack power of a Knife (and an additional boost for Thieves) gives a speed boost, making Luis even more dodgy than she already was. In both senses of the word, of course!

vlcsnap-00052Jon started making his way towards the exit, hoping to get a level or two off of hapless Kobolds. Michael and Sam found a potion (50% heal) and Stl-Bru (temporary strength boost), respectively.


vlcsnap-00054Luis continues her quest to be the best equipped member of the group by swapping out her wooden shield for a Buckler, Triple the defense, and a decent speed boost? Sign me up!

vlcsnap-00055Meanwhile, Jon gains his first level! As a Thief, he and Luis will be gaining +1AT, +2SP and +1HP with each level, plus the standard two points to put whatever. Michael gained a level as well. Sam continued his journey in the Forest, enjoying the peace and quiet with Luis gone.


Where had Luis gone, you ask?

vlcsnap-00062Back to the money bridge! Her luck was about as good as it was before (that is, not very). Jon continued making his way towards the exit.

vlcsnap-00064Michael, on the other hand, managed to finally make it out of the forest, and got to talk with the King:


Long story short – Michael got 8 bonus stat points, as well as a Wooden Shield and battle magic to make up for what he didn’t get while in the prologue area. Afterwards, he was dumped on the map of Dokapon.

While Michael was going that, Sam had cornered and decimated several Kobolds, gaining his first level!

vlcsnap-00069As a Magician, Sam’s level gains are +2MG, +1SP, and +10HP.


Luis found another Pickpocket spell. She decided to take that instead of keeping her Scorch spell from earlier.

vlcsnap-00072vlcsnap-00073Jon made his way out of the forest, getting 6 stat points for making it out second.

vlcsnap-00074Michael, meanwhile, had made his way to the main map, and used his first action to try and liberate a town from a monster…

vlcsnap-00075Something doesn’t look right with this picture, but I can’t place my finger on it…

vlcsnap-00076That’s what it was! Michael had inadvertently picked a fight with an enemy three levels higher, which in the early game is quite a dangerous proposition (just look at the stats). Michael went first, and as was customary for him at this point…

vlcsnap-00079…he went for broke. Now, Strikes, being triple strength attacks, had been decimating his opponents thus far. The Ghast, on the other hand?


Less than impressed. He began to charge up his magic attack, Zap. Michael did his best to try and defend against it, but when comparing 22 MG to 1, the outcome was pretty obvious.


Ouch…getting one-shotted right out of the gate. Welcome to Dokapon Kingdom!


Fortunately, the angels took pity on him. When you die, you are taken out of play for 1-3 turns, depending on who comes by to claim your corpse. Angels are 1 turn, Devils are 2 turns, and the Grim Reaper is 3 turns. You will also lose more and more valuable items/equipment/towns depending on which entity claims you.


Back in the Prologue area, a Kobold decides to emulate Michael by striking Sam.


It was…less than effective.

Saturday (25% off at Shops):


Luis found a Stl-Bru lying around. Not wanting it to go to waste (what does a magician want with attack power anyways?), she decided to help Sam out. Sam ran away from Luis, muttering veiled threats of revenge. Jon found yet another 5 Crystal (how many does that make now?). In case you were wondering about Michael…

vlcsnap-00095Still dead, don’t worry about him.

End of Week 2:

vlcsnap-00096In addition to your salary, you can also gain various bonuses for doing things related to your class. Luis and Jon got an additional 1000G for opening so many treasure chests in the starting area. Tamsi will eventually get his for picking so many fights, and Sam might get his, eventually, for casting magic so many times.


The salary bonuses for Luis and Jon were enough to get them to 1st and 2nd place, although the game is still young.


The King, in the meanwhile, was unimpressed with all of our stalling for time, and whisked Sam and Luis to the starting area. For showing up late, they both received 4 bonus points to spread amongst their stats.




The King then explained the general flow of the game. Dokapon Kingdom has 8 chapters. In each chapter, players have to defeat a certain number of Big Monsters (more powerful than the one that Michael tried to fight) on each continent, and then clear the chapter event. Clearing Big Monsters will give you towns, which gets you the money that you need to win. Clearing a chapter event, though, will have an even more profound effect, which we’ll get into later.



Hahahahahaha…The King’s a funny one. If we’re doing this right, we’ll be ready to murder each other in real life by the end of this game!



Next time: We get this game started for real. Backstabbing! Dying! Lots of leveling! See you then.


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