Extra Life: Let’s Play Dokapon Kingdom – Week 1

(Due to this post being quite image-heavy, I’ve hidden a chunk of it behind the “Read More” tag. This will be the case for all Dokapon Kingdom updates, don’t want to unintentionally blow up anyone’s browser!)

As part of Extra Life (charity gaming fundraiser for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals), I wrangled up three other people to play a game with me over part of winter break. That game?

Load Screen

Dokapon Kingom – a RPG/board game hybrid for the PS2 and the Wii. Believed to be more rage inducing than most Mario games, the four of us decided to give it a shot and see whether we could maintain our friendship after marathoning this game. 2.5 days and 180GB of video saved later, we realized that the game hadn’t made us want to murder each other too much (with one notable exception). Not too shabby!

So, how will updates work? Updates will be done at some time on Saturdays (going to try and get a buffer going to get a semi-regular update time). Updates will contain 1-4 weeks of gameplay, depending on how riveting events are for that block of time and whether there needs to be substantial explanation. In addition, there will be occasional posts using a dummy party that I have right now, to show off things that we missed (such as dungeons, other classes, etc). If there is a particularly interesting thing that happens, a post will be dedicated to that event specifically!

Not all events will be screencapped, just ones that are interesting/actually contribute something to the game. If I don’t tell you what someone did on a particular day, assume it was something lame, like picking a fight with a kobold or landing on an item/magic space.

What about the other people? For the first two updates, I’ll be solely handling the writing, because there is a lot of info to cover early on. After that, the other three can jump in with whatever commentary they have. Commentary will be denoted by that character’s headshot.

Without any ado, let’s get started!

When you first start the game, you’re welcomed by this lovely video:

From there, you can start a new game, create your characters, et cetera. Here are our four intrepid heroes for this game (in no particular order):

MichaelFirst off, we have Michael (also known as TAMSI!!!!1!!). Michael started out as a Warrior, focused on hiting things really hard until they die. The Warrior’s passive field ability allows for him to randomly gain +50% attack for a few turns. You can’t really plan around it, but it’s fun when it activates!


Next, we have Sam “Jazz Hands”, the Magician (for now). Magicians are focused on blowing things up with their minds, being better at casting magic of all types. Their passive field ability is to doublecast field magic, which can allow for some serious damage or messing with other players. I don’t think that Sam ever took advantage of this, though.

JonLuisFinally, we have Jon (more commonly known as Ashby) and Luis (showing his feminine side for this playthrough) as our resident Thieves for the early game. As Thieves, they are all about speed, being both more accurate and more dodgy than their other counterparts. Their passive ability is Pickpocket, which allows for them to pilfer an item off of someone when they walk by. For obvious reasons, this is the most rage-inducing of the three starting abilities, and a ton of fun to play in quick games.

After starting Story mode, you’re treated to this gem:

And then, we’re dropped in the starting area. In this starting area, players have two weeks to get as much money, equipment, and items/field magic as they can before the “plot” begins in earnest. If one is unconcerned by such material things, you can also just make a beeline for the exit. Exiting early gets you three things:

1. If you don’t have a full set of starting equipment, the King will provide you with some starter gear.

2. If you get there early, the King will reward you with bonus points to be put into your stats, and

3. You can start exploring the world earlier. Since the main map has better experience/money gains, it’s to your advantage to try and get out there ASAP.

If any players are still in the starter area after two weeks, they will get teleported to the King, given starter gear and a token amount of bonus points, and thrown onto the world map.


Week 1:

Weeks generally start on a Sunday. The first few days were lost due to a glitch in the recording, so we’re starting on Tuesday:


vlcsnap-00001Lady Luis landed on a money space! There are several types of spaces in this game, several of which allow for you to spin to get something (good or bad). The money space (golden chest) is straight cash. Luis out 300G out of this, not bad!

vlcsnap-00002Sam landed on the item space (drawstring bag), which can get you one of many usable items. He picked up a 5 Crystal – in place of using the spinner to randomly go 0-6 spaces, he can instead use this to go exactly 5 spaces. Crystals are quite handy for trying to get to a specific space, and are outright needed later on in the game!

vlcsnap-00003Jon kicks off the Dokapon Experience(TM) early by swiping Michael’s 2 Crystal. Thieves are fun like that.

vlcsnap-00004To insure that it doesn’t happen again, Michael grabs a knife off of the ground. waving it around menacingly. Weapon spaces (chest with a sword in front) will give you a random weapon. Unlike the last two space types, these are rare, only showing up in two or three areas in the entire game.



Sam also joined the knife-fighting club. Jon picked up a Stl-Bru from one of the item spaces. Stl-Bru gives a player a boost to their attack stat for a few turns. Luis did…something. I think.

vlcsnap-00007Meanwhile, Michael got into his first fight!

vlcsnap-00010At the start of a fight, two cards pop up at the bottom of the screen. The player who currently has the active turn chooses one, and this will dictate action order. As you can see, the Kobold is going first.

vlcsnap-00011From there, you can then choose your action as either attacker or defender. As a defender, Michael has four options:

1 – Defend: Reduces damage from a standard physical attack

2 – Counter: If the attacker chose Strike (more on that later!), a successful counter will allow the defender to dodge the Strike and deal that same amount of damage back to the Attacker. Generally results in death.

3 – Magic Defense: Although crossed out for Michael, picking Magic Defense will reduce the amount of magic damage taken, and have other effects based on the specific MDef spell.

4 – Give Up: Rather than die, one can give up. This limits corpse-looting, and leaves you out of action for one turn, rather than 1-3 turns if you die.

vlcsnap-00012The Kobold decided to cast a spell, Pickpocket, which dealt some amount of damage and (more worryingly) stole 1/4 of Michael’s cash. This is not much now, but late game it can get crazy! You get it back with a well-applied dose of murder, though.

vlcsnap-00013Now that Michael is the attacker, he has four other actions available to him:

1. Attack – basic physical attack, the safest of the four options. Can be Defended and can miss

2. Strike – high risk, high reward, Strikes will deal 3x the damage of a basic attack. Defend does nothing against it, but Counter will reflect that damage back upon you. And yes, some bosses auto-counter. Always assume that named enemies auto-counter in Dokapon, it’ll save you a lot of grief.

3. Magic attack – there are a lot of different battle spells, but Michael doesn’t have one. They can only be defended using a magic defense option. Most importantly – battle magic cannot miss. Thus, it’s always handy to keep up to date to take out a weakened foe.

4. Ability – the bottom option is an ability based on your class (as you rank up in a class, you can learn new abilities) They’re generally nothing to write home about, with a few exceptions.


Michael goes for broke with a Strike! When Striking, your character (depending on the weapon) will get mad hangtime, blasting the opponent HARD. Needless to say, the Kobold does not survive the experience.


Luis picks up a Battle Magic – Scorch. It’s the most powerful spell at this point in the game. Sam picked up some cash, and Jon added another Crystal to his collection. Michael picked on another Kobold, and got a level up!

vlcsnap-00022 vlcsnap-00023

When leveling up, you get boosts to stats based on your current class, as well as mastered classes (more on that when we actually start mastering classes). Crap, I should probably talk about stats now (why didn’t I do that with the battle? Probably because it was already wordy enough as it was):

AT: Attack. Physical damage. A Warrior’s best friend.

DF: Defense. Defense against physical damage. Quite useful if you’re in the business of not dying!

MG: Magic. Governs both Magic attack and Magic defense. Also quite useful if a player begins to start gaining tons of magic and gets to the point where he can potentially one-shot EVERYTHING WITH HIS MIND NO I’M NOT BITTER ABOUT ANYTHING NO SIR. Just make sure that you know that it isn’t a dump stat for physical classes, like it would be in any other game ever.

SP: Speed. Handles accuracy and evasion. Quite useful for stuffing field magic, and giving other players grief when they can’t hit anything because they didn’t boost their speed stat.

HP: Hit Points. Self explanatory, I hope.


vlcsnap-00026Luis got a shield. Sadly, it’s a wooden shield, quite possibly the worst shield in the game. But any defense is better than no defense!


Sam shows Luis how it’s done, picking up a marginally better shield in the form of the Leather Shield. The Buckler is the top-tier for the starting area, in case you were wondering.

vlcsnap-00028Sad that he could no longer steal from Michael, as Michael had a knife (and had already killed several kobolds in cold blood), Jon used a 5 crystal that he just picked up to land on the Weapon square. He got a Knife for his troubles. Watch out, Michael!

((Jon could’ve stolen from Michael regardless of weapon possession. but it makes for a better narrative, right? RIGHT?))

Also, this is a good time to talk about weapons. Despite Michael being stronger than both Luis and Jon, they are matching damage with him while using the Knife. This is because weapons will deal 30% extra damage if used by a specific class – Swords are preferred by Warriors, Staffs by Magicians, Knives and Daggers by Thieves, Axes and Spears and Hammers by Clerics…wait. I can understand Hammers, maybe, but Axes and Spears? Clerics in Dokapon must worship the Blood God or something…

vlcsnap-00029Michael picked up a Daze Field Magic, which lowers Speed (I think, we never use Field magic anyways so it doesn’t matter).


vlcsnap-00031Luis, thinking that she’ll have better luck on Sam’s Shield space, goes down to investigate, finding a Phyoose from somewhere. Phyoose gives a buff to Defense when quaffed. However, she gets another Wooden Shield from this square.

vlcsnap-00033If you already own an equipment of that type, the game gives you the option to keep one or the other. Stats will be compared to decide whether the item is worth it. Luis upgraded from a Wooden Shield to a Wooden Shield.


Lamenting the loss of his Phyoose, Sam picked up a 2 Spinner for Luis to steal for his use later on. 2 Spinners allow for you to, well, spin two spinners for movement instead of one. Good for trying to get somewhere quickly! Jon picked up a Scorch spell of his own. Michael tried to make a break for the exit, but…

vlcsnap-00035came up just short. You have to land exactly on the enter/exit squares to move from map to map. This is exactly as obnoxious as it sounds.

vlcsnap-00038It’s the end of Week 1! At the end of each week, players will see how they are doing, it is broken down into four segments:

Cash on hand

Salary (cash earned based on your current class, ranks in your current class, and any classes mastered. One can also get a bonus for doing things related to their class several times, like fighting battles, casting magic or landing on treasure spaces for our three starting classes)

Number of Towns: Irrelevant at this point

Town income: Each town is worth a certain amount of money. Also irrelevant, as we don’t have any towns.

You then get your end result, with total value, rankings and a handy graph to show how you are doing compared to everyone else!

vlcsnap-00039 vlcsnap-00040

Luis and Sam are currently tied for first (ignore that silly ranking them differently shenanigans), but it’s only week 1, and thus still anyone’s game! Tune in next week for Week 2, and Actual Plot (TM).

MVP for Week 1: Michael, for being a good sport and inadvertently serving as my tutorial slave.

Feedback:   Images too small? Too many or not enough screenshots? Let me know, and I’ll fix it for the next post!


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