This Week on Channel A! (December 2014 input request)

Hey everyone! When I first started this blog, I had a feature known as “This Week on Channel A!”, where I made a terrible drawing of an anime pitch that I or someone else came up with while playing Asmadi Games’ Channel A. However, I quickly ran out of ideas. Although I hope to get in another round one of these days, I could use your help. Below, there are two images. The first image has the two premise cards, while the second image has a bunch of title cards. Using 2-4 of the title cards, I challenge anyone to come up with an interesting anime title and pitch that fits the two premise cards! I’ll pick the best one, and make a terrible drawing based off of that idea for January! (I have one left that I’m going to be working on in December). Have fun!

photo 1

photo 2

For those that may be having trouble seeing the images on the post, here they are:

Premises: Otaku (an obsessive fan), Gun Action

Title Cards: Brave, Ghost, Police, Rain, Area, Magica, Princess, Genesis, Ultra, Stars.

Basic prepositions may be added if necessary to fill out the title.


5 thoughts on “This Week on Channel A! (December 2014 input request)

  1. Tao Sun says:

    The obvious one is Brave Ultra-Police, which is pretty self-explanatory. I guess you could throw out Ghost Area if we want to have a show on paranormal activity/monster hunting by otaku. (Note: Not a bad idea.) Genesis Magica could be about fighting evil wizards with lots of ordinance, by a nerd who knows more about how magic works (and its weaknesses) than the wizards he faces. (Note: also not a bad idea.)

    • evashb103 says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! I’m imagining someone facing down a wizard with a grenade launcher, quipping “I’ve been studying your moves before you even knew they existed!”

      …or “LOLN00B GG!”, depending on the type of otaku…

  2. Lauren says:

    Ultra police princess
    -Junior police officer Ren is a rookie police officer by day and a princess manga otaku by night. When all of the tanooki all over the nation start ransacking 7-11s (stealing snack foods, of course), Officer Ren is suddenly thrust into a crazy web of intrigue, deception, Pocky, and excessive undercover cosplay!

    (I haven’t come up with a plot line for the other one yet…I’ll let you know if/when I’m struck with inspiration!)

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