Binding of Isaac: Shenanigans (Giant Tears, Homing Mines, Cluster Grenades)

((I think that I’m going to make Binding of Isaac Shenanigans a regular post type. They’re fun to do!))

This time on Binding of Isaac: Shenanigans, we’ll be taking a look at three combos that I wound up acquiring over the past two weeks.As with last week, I’ll be telling you the combo, as well as showing a bit of it in action and including the seed that spawned these items. I’m trying three different styles this week – images, GIFs and Youtube videos. Let me know which you prefer!

First up, we have this:

Such big tears you have, Isaac!

Such big tears you have, Isaac!

Shots that take up half the size of the room? Sign me up! This is a combination of three powerups and a trinket:

Polyphemus – Instead of two normal tears, generates one large tear.

Cricket’s Head – Damage increase, increases the size of tears fired.

Proptosis – Generates a giant tear that shrinks in size over time.

The synergy from all three tear growing objects resulted in the giant tear that was seen. Later on in that run as well, I picked up a Lump of Coal from Krampus, which increases the size of the tear as it travels. This canceled the shrinking effect of proptosis, giving me really large tear shots. I had also picked up rubber cement, which gave the tears a ricochet effect! It Lives got mulched even quicker than Mom’s Heart did in the Guppy mode video! Sadly, I do not have a seed for this one (as it would’ve been AWESOME)

Next, we have this:

Anti-gravity Spoon Bender

This is a combination of three passives as well:

Number One – Increases Tears (Fire Rate) to Maximum

Anti-Gravity – When tears are fired, they stay in place for a short while (until some time has passed or the fire button is released). They will go in the direction initially fired.

Spoon Bender – Semi-Homing Shots: shots will try to adjust aim to hit enemies not in the direct line of fire.

As can be seen above, there are a ton of tears generated due to Number One, allowing you to put up a wall of fire against your foes. How does Spoon Bender Fit in, though? The shots stay in place, but if an enemy gets close:

Anti-gravity spoon bender 2

The shots will home in and hit them. At this point, you can just zoom around like a maniac, leaving homing mines all over the room!

Anti-gravity Spoon bender 3

The seed for this run was:




Finally, we have this:

This was the combination (as far as I can remember) of two powerups:

Cricket’s Body – generates a splash of little tears upon striking something or hitting the ground.

IPECAC – makes tears explode.

So, you get what was essentially the MSNA grenades from Borderlands. However, although capable of dishing out a ton of pain in a short amount of time, this combo is very deadly to the user as well. I died on this run before even making it to Mom’s Heart.

The seed for this run was:



Good luck!


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