Extra Life Highlights: Binding of Isaac Rebirth – Guppy Mode Shenanigans

What’s with the title? Isn’t today a story update day? It was supposed to be, but as I sat down to think about writing the Western/Supernatural Story, I was struck with a severe feeling of Apathy Syndrome. After facing myself and gaining my Persona (yes, I’m mixing games and theories. No, I don’t care one iota about it), I realized that I just didn’t care about the characters or the plot enough to go forward with that story. I might come back to it at a later time, but for now, I’m putting it on the back burner and focusing on the ARC (Science Fiction) series of short stories. But, I wasn’t mentally prepared for them either, so I decided to do something completely non-short story related.

Enter The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, a game that I played for Saturday’s Count Down to Dokapon Stream.

What did I just watch?

In the Binding of Isaac, there were five items associated with a cat named Guppy (Guppy’s Head, Guppy’s Paw, Guppy’s Tail, Dead Cat, and Guppy’s Hairball). Rebirth added another Guppy item called Guppy’s Collar. If you collected any three of these items (minus the hairball), you would activate what is called Guppy Mode. This mode gave you a cat-like appearance (tail, ears, etc.) as well as two effects. First, you gained flight if you didn’t already have it, improving your mobility greatly and allowing you to ignore pits and rock formations. Second, you gained an improved version of the Mulligan item. The Mulligan works as follows: when you hit an enemy with one of your tears, there is a small chance that a Kamikaze fly (the blue flies) will spawn and attack your enemy, or circle around you if there are no targets. In Guppy Mode, the chances of a Kamikaze Fly spawning is much, much higher (near 100%). As a result, you can get a small army of Kamikaze Flies circling you, darting out to decimate anything that comes near. It trivializes the game, as was seen at the end, when I beat Mom’s Heart in a matter of seconds. Some people might think it broken, but to them I say – you’re playing The Binding of Isaac. Take what you can get!

The funny part? I didn’t even need Guppy Mode, my setup was already really good. I had Polyphemus (One large tear fired at a slowish fire rate), Cancer (a trinket that ramps up your fire rate), Mutant Spider (converting my Polyphemus shot to a quad shot [!!!]), and Lost Contact, which gave my tears a shield effect that allowed for them to block enemy shots. Guppy Mode was just icing on the cake.

I wanna try! And try you can, thanks to Rebirth’s Seed Function. The seed for that run (as seen on the video) was as follows:



Put it in, and give it a whirl! I think that it should have at least some of the Guppy items, although I think a few were due to Devil dealings. You can definitely get the Polyphemus – Mutant Spider – Lost Contact combo, though!

Bonus! Isaac discovers cat drugs for the first time (or experimental drugs, which is essentially the same thing).

Did you guys like? Would you like Binding of Isaac short vids to be added into the rotation?


EDIT: I tried out the seed again this evening, and got the same loadout as I did for the recording. Several of the Guppy items are hidden behind Devil Rooms, so be diligent about not taking damage. Good Luck!


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