Untitled Western/Supernatural (Part III)

Part 1

Part 2


I fell back to the stairwell, emptying the revolver. The spent shells clinked as they bounced off of the floor. My hand felt its way down my bandoleer. Smooth… smooth… smooth… aha! My fingers brushed against the jagged edges of one of the cold iron rounds. I quickly chambered it and felt for another. I managed to load three before the demon came at me again. The rounds in him must’ve angered him more than I thought – his punches were getting harder to dodge. I couldn’t stand my ground, and found myself dodging away from him each time. I eventually found myself on the stairwell.

Without thinking, I sprinted up the stairs to get some space. I quickly filled the remainder of the chambers with cold rounds, and then cocked the hammer back. It was at that point that I realized where I was. With an entire wall knocked out, the second floor could collapse if a fight broke out up here. I looked down the stairs, but didn’t see the demon. There wasn’t any sounds coming from downstairs, either. Was he still there, or had he gone outside? My heart skipped a beat. I ran to the window upstairs, paying no heed to the creaking and swaying of the house. I looked out the window, and there was no sign of the beast. She would’ve taken a shot at him if he had gone outside…I realized.

There was a load roar, and then the floor collapsed underneath me. I hit the second floor feet-first, and stumbled forward a few steps. I could hear the demon snarl behind me. I turned a second too late.

It felt like being kicked by a horse. The force of the demon’s punch was enough to send me flying back out the front door. I hit the ground, my momentum causing me to tumble a few paces. My vision was muddled, and I was choking for air. To make matters worse, I apparently dropped my revolver when I got knocked outside. I heard part of the door frame splinter. I drew my other gun and fired all six rounds in the direction of the noise. I heard the roar of the demon, but there was no way that the lead rounds would do anything but anger it. I started to reload, desperately feeling for more cold rounds on my vest. There wouldn’t be enough time.

The crack of a rifle could be heard. I heard the beast roar in pain, similar to when I had unloaded on it earlier. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. The demon was clutching its side, staggering backwards. I saw a glint of metal off to my side. I sprinted towards it, paying no heed to the second rifle shot, or the loud thud that followed. The glint was the revolver with colds, like I had hoped. I snatched it up and turned back towards the house. The demon was down, and not moving. I approached it slowly. Standing right beside it, I fired two rounds directly into its head.

“You alright?” I heard her yell from partway up the hill. She had started jogging towards the house, rifle in hand.

“Nothin’ feels broken, if that’s what you’re asking,” I replied, holstering the revolvers. “Was that with a silver?”

“Nah, iron.” She grinned. “That’s why it took me two to down ‘em.”

I whistled. A shot from that range would’ve been doable, but difficult with a good bullet. Using a cold round? If it were anyone else, I’d have chalked it up to luck. “Guess it’s your mark, then. Good shooting, sis.”

“Guess it is.” She slung the rifle over her shoulder. “Was it just the one?”

I nodded. “Looked like a summoning. Small circle, though. Can’t have been more than the one.” I pulled out a silver knife. “Let’s finish this one off and head back. The deacons can take care of the rest.”


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